Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Featured Bull: A67 Reindeer Dippin

Photos Courtesy of Cindy Rosser

He is beloved by fans and he was feared by riders.  Some called him the most athletic bull alive.  He was also a bull who didn't like the lifestyle.  He didn't like being around people and life on the road didn't suit him.

That didn't stop him.

His six-year career buckoff percent was 94.9. He was unridden in 2004, 2006, and 2007.  And he was ridden only once in 2003, 2005, and 2008.  (The 2005 ride was LJ Jenkins for 93 points.  It was LJ's first year on the tour.  By my calculations he was 18 at the time.) 

Reindeer was officially retired at the 2008 PBR World Finals in Las Vegas.  Here he is throwing Tater Porter at 4 seconds in 2007: 

Cindy Rosser says that Reindeer, born in 1999, arrived with a truckload of 30 other bulls purchased from Alex Naccarato.  His dam was A11, an Oscars Velvet daughter.  He is Naccarato breeding on the sire side.

Now he's 11, coming 12, and Cindy says he looks great.  He's easier to handle than he once was, but hasn't lost any of his spirit.  A week or so ago he cracked a horn and demolished a fence fighting Hawaiian Ivory over some cows.  A while before that he jumped a fence to get to some recip cows and heifers.  All this in spite of having a herd of 25-30 cows all to himself.

"He likes his women," Cindy says.  "He's the breedingest son of a gun."

Reindeer Sons

Bushwacker isn't the only Reindeer son making the scene these days.  Of Cindy's eight registered 2007 Reindeer sons (3-4 year-olds), five of them have records with ProBullStats. According to those records, they have 35  PRCA and PBR Touring Pro outs, with only one recorded ride.

Look out for +2/7 Red Man, 06/7 Ransom, 12/7 Big Dear, -15/7 Freaky Rain, 438/7 Gizmo, and 13/7 Loco Weed.

The cost of Reindeer semen is $1,000 per straw.  (Look for some in the upcoming Mike White Select Breeder's Sale.)

(Interesting note: Around half of the Reindeer offspring registered with the ABBI are listed as having white faces.  He also throws more than his share of brockle-faced calves like Bushwacker.)  

Check out Reindeer's Facebook page for videos and more photos of his sons in action.  Visit Flying C Livestock for more on Cindy Rosser's bulls, cows, and calves. 

+2/7 Red Man (Reindeer son out of Baby Brother daughter) (Shumaker) 

 2011 Reindeer bull calf

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